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The most extensive source of information on waterfront homes for sale at Grand Lake. Lake front property continues to rise in value. They Just aren’t making anymore of it. You can find information on all of Northeast Oklahoma real estate. for the Grand Lake area for waterfront and lake view, the towns would include Langley, Disney, Tiajuana, Eucha, Jay,Grove, Ketchum, Cleora, Afton, Fairland, Wyandotte and some of the Vinita mailing area. Note Monkey Island is included in the Afton mailing area for searches in some search engines. It’s a HUGE LAKE which has 1.300 mile of shoreline and is over 60 miles long, So if your you are interested in waterfront homes or any lake area homes, ranches, land or commercial property, be sure to work with a full time Grand Lake Real Estate Agent with experience who knows the lake and things to watch out for. They can be a tremendous help.
Grand Lake Homes for Sale and Searches. Find your Dream Lake Home!

Where do I start? Grand Lake .OK is just a fantastic place to live or visit. There is so much to do and on top of that the people are some of the friendliest in the world. And you know what… it really is a small world after all because you will see people you know or at least people who are friends or know some of the same people you do.

Located in the heart of America in the northeast part of Oklahoma, an area also called Green Country is a special place called Grand Lake. It is so special there is even an area called Shangri-la on the tip of Monkey Island. This has been a favorite resort, get-a-way and play place for Oklahomans for decades and a fairly well keep secret. This secret is now out! With approximately 1,300 miles of shoreline and over 60 mile length it is drawing people who want a lake front home either for full time living, a second home or retirement. It is still one of the most affordable lakefront around in the USA.

Check out the 101 Things to Do at Grand Lake on one of our web sites for starters. It is one of the top retirement areas in the country. Do you like to hunt and fish? It doesn’t get much better than the Grand Lake area. How about the many festivals in the area Festivals such as peaches, strawberries, Chili, Pelicans. Bass Tournaments, Fiddling, Bike Rally, and so on. Got some questions… send us an email and we’ll try to get you and answer to point you in the right direction.

Do you want to know more about Grove, OK and the homes for sale?


Real estate in Grove is much like other areas except there is an added dimension because of Grand Lake Oklahoma. When looking to buy or sell property here, you must be able to recognize the differences. Then you’ll want to evaluate them to decide if you are getting a fair deal, whether buying or selling.

Now back to Grove. Some of areas which seem to be in constant demand are of course the waterfront homes which are more costly but usually are your best investment. After that, lake view homes and then nice homes in the subdivisions. Some subdivisions which provide all three of these are… Buffalo Shores South, Buffalo Shores North, Buffalo Shores III, The Preserve and Patricia Island Estates. There are too many to mention all of them so I’ll stop with these for now. Waterfront homes in these areas are typically $500,000 and up depending on age, condition, amenities, view, dock etc. At this time a dollar per square foot range could be $150/sq. ft. to $250 /Sq. ft.

Be sure and read some other articles written on this blog concerning this subject such as “Buyer Be Careful” This is not intended to scare anyone away. It is intended to provide food for thought and a short course in the real estate market in Grove, OK and Grand Lake.

Homes which are not waterfront of course, will be less per square foot but value still depends on some of the same things previously mentioned including that old saying in real estate… Location, Location, Location. Is it on a golf course? What are the other homes like? Is the area well groomed? What is the location relative to shopping, schools, medical care etc.? The price range here is around $75/sq. ft to $135/sq. ft. ( lake view could be higher)

Big differences to be sure. So make sure you look at enough homes for sale to help form an opinion and ask your Realtor questions. One thing we like to do is show you some homes you are interested in that we know you won’t care for. This will help you learn about the Grove OK and Grand Lake OK real estate markets.

Grove OK is a wonderful place to raise a family or retire. It’s a smaller community with so many special qualities and things to do, without some of the problems you might encounter in a large city. There is more information about Grove and Grand Lake OK on the Grove Chamber of Commerce web site and the Grand Lake Association Web site.

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