Littlefield’s Country Corner – Monkey Island

Grand Lake: At The Entrance to Monkey Island… Discover This!
Littlefield’s Country Corner at the Entrance to Monkey Island

At the entrance to Monkey Island there is a place Grand Lakers have known about for many years. This place has recently had a facelift which the owner said was his part of his stimulus package. More about him later. More and more people are finding out about this gem in green country in large part due to word of mouth. The name of the quaint store is Littlefield Country Corner and is located at the junction of Hwy 85-A and HWY 125. It is much more than what people might call a convenience store these days. Littlefield’s has the standard things you would expect but you will also find a lot more. Inside there is the friendly service they are famous for as well as the standard things a small country store might have such as bread, milk, produce, and canned goods. There are also a few surprises that a newcomer may not expect.

Littlefield’s Country Corner Meat Market
Friendly service at Littlefield’s

There is a full blown butcher shop and meat market inside much like many of us semi-senior citizens might remember. They don’t have the vacuum packed assembly line products here. They have the fresh cut hand wrapped meat that was a thing of the past. The meat here is GOOD! I can’t tell you how many times new Grand Lakers have said “I found this place that has great steaks which I grilled last evening and WOW!. Here is another surprise. They also have apple wood smoked chickens and ribs that taste wonderful. The meat will melt in your mouth. It’s not a bad idea to let them know you want some in advance because it is not uncommon for them to sell out. You can also get barbeque sandwiches and fresh sliced deli sandwiches for lunch. Say Hello to Gene for us!  Genes Butcher Shop is now located at Monkey Island and Ketchum

Senate lounge coffee shop

Here is another surprise. Inside you will find the “Senate Lounge Coffe Shop” and some memorabilia. You see the proprietor, Rick Littlefield, served in the Oklahoma State Legislature for 22 years. The only reason he stopped is because Oklahoma voted for term limits. The people love him. That doesn’t mean he stopped giving. He remains active in helping with things such as the Grand Lake Association and others to benefit the people in the Grand Lake Area and the State of Oklahoma. There is much more than meets the eye here and good things come in small packages at Littlefields Coutry Corner. A continuing part of Grand Lake History. You might want to come here to just have a cup of coffee listen to some of the stories and meet some of the many interesting people who come to Grand Lake O’The Cherokees.

Senator Rick Littlefield at his store at Grand Lake

More about Rick: Rick Littlefield is a business owner who is a lifetime resident of the Grand Lake area. He previously has served 22 years in the Oklahoma Legislature with 10 years in the House of Representatives and 12 years in the Oklahoma Senate. In the Senate he was the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee for Natural Resources. His Senate responsibilities included direct contact with Oklahoma’s environmental related state government agencies. Rick performed similar responsibilities as a member of the House. His legislative tenure includes experience in water quality environs. Rick is a graduate of Northeastern.

Article by Dave & Debbie Wagenblatt

Dave is also a professional photographer. Join him on facebook.