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 Boating & Marinas


Grand Lake, Ok is well known for the fantastic boating opportunities, with the lake being over 60 miles long and having 1,300 miles of shoreline. Whether it’s sailing which floats your boat, (no pun intended) cigarette boats, bass fishing, pontoons or yachts or houseboats up to 100′ long, they are here. You will enjoy going to a quiet cove to swim, picnic or fish or boat to one on the fine restaurants around Grand Lake. There is something for everyone.

Grand Lake has some of the best boating available for any freshwater lake and because of it’s size and capacity for boating it offers many quality marinas’ to fit your needs. What ever your idea of fun on the water is, you can experience it. Fishing, Skiing, Cruising and sailing in addition to those who ride Wave Runners and Seadoos. Or maybe you prefer a of the muscle boat which fly through the water. Grand Lake offers all of these things and more.

Cherokee Yacht Club
3152 Browning Ln, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 782-4421

Cedar Port Marina
Disney, OK (918) 435-8350 Boat Sales: Jerry Cookson (918) 691-8823

Shangri-La Marina
57151 E Highway 125, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 257-4898

Tera Miranda Marina & Resort
Monkey Island

Landings Marina
56351 E Highway 125, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 257-4440

Southwinds Marina
28227 S 4535 Rd, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 256-8650

Red Arrow Marina
453881 E 305 Rd, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 782-3150

Harbors View Marina Inc
451107 E 320 Rd, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 782-3277

Indian Hills Marina
Bernice, Ok

Ugly John’s Custom Boats
450780 Access Rd, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 782-4414

Arrowhead Yacht Club Reservations
32922 S 4507 Rd, Afton, OK 74331 (918) 782-1292

Edgewater Resort Marina
1513 98th St NW, Grove, OK 74344 (918) 786-2885

Lee’s Grand Lake Resort & Marina
24800 S 630 Rd, Grove, OK 74344 (918) 786-4289

Dripping Springs Yacht Club
197 Private Road 054, Eucha, OK 74342 (918) 435-8733

Willow Park Marina
Grand Lake Of Cherokee, Ketchum, OK 74349 (918) 782-3001

Clear Water
Bay Marina, Disney, OK 74340 (918) 435-5101

Hammerhead Marina
Ketchum Cove 1 Mile S St Ketchum Co, Ketchum, OK 74349 (918) 782-3238

Scotty’s Cove Inc.
PO Box 580, Langley, OK 74350 (918) 782-9673

Ugly John’s Custom Boats
Ketchum, OK 74349 (918) 782-4414

Arrowhead Yacht Club
Serving the Afton Area. (918) 782-3292

Thunder Bay Marina
Serving the Afton Area. (918) 782-4414

Royal Bay Marina
Serving the Afton Area. (918) 786-9460

Honey Creek Landing Marina
2520 S Main St, Grove, OK 74344 (918) 787-5563

Elk River Landing Marina
65400 E 250 Rd, Grove, OK 74344 (918) 787-2628

Rafting up at Aquapaloosa Need a new or used boat? At Grand lake there are lots to choose from and the boats sales here continue to be brisk. We love to cruise slowly around the lake and relax with friends just as much as zipping through the water. Then how about boating to one of the many lake front restaurants and then go for a moonlight cruise. You may even want to anchor in a quiet cove and spend the night. There are also many events going on around the lake which you can boat to or “raft” up with others for a day of fun in the sun. Most of the marinas are ready to help you choose what fits your needs and pocket book.

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