So You Want a Lake Home

Here you will find a series of short articles about Grand Lake, Oklahoma including a series of articles about real estate.

Debbie and I have learned much over many years in the Grand Lake Real Estate Market. We want to help you to be informed when making your decision on purchasing or selling a lake home at Grand Lake. To point out some  considerations, potential pit falls to think about.

Ok, you have decided this just might be the thing for you as have thousands of others who want to be at Grand Lake for many different reasons. It could be for family summer time fun, a permanent residence or possibly a retirement plan.  It might be for the fishing, boating, water sports or just plane relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city.For whatever reason you can find want you want at Grand lake from a low budget to someone with a high budget exceeding a million dollars.

The first consideration most have is their budget. How much do I need to invest to get what I want in a lake home? What are my needs? The easiest way to start is to set your maximum price and begin searching on the internet. Where would you like to be on the lake? It is huge being 0ver 60 miles long and having 1,300 miles of shoreline. Is driving time a consideration? Mostly people from Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas have homes here. Most drive but some fly to and from the area. There are airports in Grove, Monkey Island and Ketchum. Driving tim Monkey Island from Tulsa is approximately an hour and 15 minutes. From Oklahoma City/Edmond, Wichita and Kansas City about 3 hours.

FYI ….  Lakefront home prices run somewhere between $140 and $300  per square foot depending on a number of factors. We’ll get into that another time, so start browsing around and have fun.

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