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This is your Source for the Grand Lake Fishing Report from the Professional Guides at Grand Lake, Ok. There is lots to discover on this site including "How To's", "When To's", Why To's & More! Even Videos'! The "Where To" is Grand Lake Oklahoma with it's over 1,300 miles of shoreline and over 60 miles in length. It's one of the great fisheries in the USA. Grand Lake has about 45 fishing tournaments annually and has hosted the BassMaster's Elite tournament more the once with the winner catching over 70 lbs in June and July. Those are the kind of numbers you would expect from spring time fishing in Florida! You'll also want to check out the Grand Lake Fishing Report to see what's hot, what they are catching, when  and where.

Grand Lake Fishing Guides
Grand Lake Oklahoma fishing guides for Bass, Crappie, Spoonbill Catfish, Blue Catfish, White Bass, Paddle Fish. Grand Lake is also the home of Jugs by Bert. The BEST system to catch lots of BIG CATFISH there is, guided and instructional trips are available.  Want to catch a monster on rod reel? Spoonbill Catfish are nothing but Fun!

Mike Magill   Mike guides for White Bass, Crappie, Catfish, and Spoonbill Catfish. He also guldes for Striper at Bearver Lake Arkansas. A short drive from Grand Lake.

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Ivan Martin

Tony Coatney

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Jugs by Bert ... Unique Catfishing System

How would you like to catch huge catfish on a regular basis?  Well here is an old idea that has  been improved upon and revolutionized Jug Fishing with a patented product that is almost fool proof. Jug lines are not what they used to be.

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When to Fish Grand Lake, OK

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