Cowskin Area

Cowskin (Elk River Arm of Grand Lake)

History or possibly folk lore tells us that in the late 1800’s the Seneca tribe built a tannery near the Elk River. The hides and skins that were brought to the tannery had to be cleaned in the river as part of the process. Somehow the town that sprung up near-by became known as Cowskin because of the tannery. Now this area is home to resorts, cottages and camping facilities. You’ll find good restaurants as well as gaming Vegas-style at the Grand Lake Casino. Visitors will want to tour the historic Cayuga Mission Church. Built in 1886 by Mathias Split log a Native American, with locally hewn limestone and embellished with hand-carved imported wood. This area is great for fishing and boating with full-service marinas, boat sales and public access areas along the Elk River arm of Grand Lake stretching east to the Missouri border.

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