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The Wonderful World of Grand Lake Oklahoma

Here you will find Grand Lake Oklahoma information about Grand Lake. We are dedicated to sharing all things Grand Lake with the world. If you are not familiar with Grand Lake this may surprise you because it is located in the heart of the USA in northeast Oklahoma and is the favorite playground in the four state area.  The people from Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and of course Oklahoma consider this the place to be for year round fun. Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees is about 67 miles long and has 1,300 miles of shoreline! Surprised? Along with it’s size comes all the things you would expect from a “Grand Lake”. Including a Grand location for National Conventions because of the location and what it has to offer. Within this web site you will find it all including resorts, marinas, fishing, State Parks, maps, things to do, things to see and year round events you will want to experience. Your source for real estate, events and communities things to do and more! Grove, Monkey Island, Afton, Bernice, Horse Creek, Coves at Bird Island, Patricia Island, Duck Creek, Cleora, Ketchum, Langley and Disney.

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Grand Lake Boating and SkiingGrand Lake is a vacation and resort area with something for everyone
If you’re thinking about a vacation and want to go to an affordable resort area with choices then Grand Lake should be at the top of your list. Come to Grand Lake and discover what Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas have known for decades. Grand Lake, located in northeast Oklahoma, is simply the best place around for vacations and one of the best resorts to have a great time and build memories to last a lifetime. Fun in the Sun at Grand Lake whether it is boating, fishing, sight seeing, having a wedding or family reunion or a multitude of other things its Grand Lake, You want to be here! Explore GrandLakeOnline.com and plan your next vacation. Come explore all the wonderful things this jewel has to offer. You might want a second home here or may want to retire. Come to play, Plan to Stay.

Shangri-la Golf Course at Grand Lake on Monkey Island For years businesses had national conventions here because of the location, facilities and what Grand Lake had to offer for play and relaxation time. Grand Lake is just a one hour drive from international airports in Tulsa, OK and Bentonville, AR. The old Shangri-la Resort hotel & Convention Center has been torn down and new facilities are in place. A new hotel and convention center is even “Grander” than what existed before. The championship golf course even has been redesigned and a new 12,000 square foot club house has been completed on Monkey Island. Many of those business people remembered Grand lake and come back to retire in the area. In the past has been mentioned by the Wall Street Journal and Rand McNally as one of the top 10 retirement areas in the United States.

Grand Lake is one of the best vacation and resort spots around.

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